about Us

During its thirteen plus years of history, Water Plus Corporation has provided the water utility industry with constant innovation and improvement to support their reputation as a quality supplier of a product line of water sampling stations and flushing hydrants nationwide.

The Water Plus products provide the means to enhance the efficiency of water sampling efforts to protect public health and improve delivery of utilities. Propelled by customer driven product development, Water Plus exceeds, and sometimes even sets, the standards that steer the future of the industry towards higher efficiency and excellence. Keeping the size of the manufacturing facility to a reduced scale has allowed Water Plus to respond quickly and to maintain a personalized level of service.

“When you call Water Plus on the phone,” says Curtis Locklin, “you actually can talk to someone who has an in-depth knowledge of the job from personal experience. This is becoming rare in our line of business and we are proud to offer this kind of first rate service.”

In fact, Water Plus talented staff combines over 40 years of experience in the water utility industry.