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  • 150G-NL 06

150G-NL Sampling Rod

Model # 150G-NL

Product Description

The Model 150G-NL Sampling Rod is designed to be carried by the utility to each sampling site for sample collection. The rod is inserted into the female quick connect and with a downward force, the rod is locked into the female quick connect. The rod may then be flushed and flamed or decontaminated before sample collection. The rod is disconnected from the sampling valve by simply pressing down on the PVC outer housing and the rod disconnects from the sampling valve. The protective cap is then reinstalled on the sampling station and the Utility moves to the next sampling site.

The rod consists of a stainless steel spigot suitable for flaming or chlorine application for decontamination. There is a bronze throttling valve with a stainless steel handle for adjusting the water flow to an optimal condition for water sample gathering. A pressure gauge is provided for recording the water pressure at each sampling site. The 150G-NL rod is completely non-corrosive, protecting against the highly corrosive properties of decontamination products.

The Model 150-NL is for the “snap-in” type quick connect. The “screw-on” type quick connect is found on the Model 210G-SVLV Sampling Rod. A PVC protective case is available, order part number: CAS150.

  • Features

    • All Stainless Steel, Brass and PVC Construction, 100% Non-Corrosive
    • Stainless Steel Spigot Suitable for Flaming or Decontaminating with Corrosive Chlorine
    • Brass Ball Valve Throttles Water Flow for Easy Sample Collection with No Aeration
    • 360-Degree Discharge Direction
    • Integrated Pressure Gauge to Check Line Pressure During Sampling
    • PVC Rod Housing Disengages Rod from Sampling Valve
    • Protective Case Available, Model CAS150
  • Construction Materials

    Stainless Steel, Bronze

  • Quick Connection Type

    • NL = "Snap-In" connection
  • Enclosures For This Product

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