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  • 301 CTS Connection

Model 301W Above Grade Sampling Station

Warm Climate Wet Barrel Design

Product Description

The Model 301W sampling station features a highly impact-resistant polyethylene enclosure available in two standard colors: blue and green. Station security is accomplished through a locking hasp that accepts a standard padlock. Additional station security is provided by a stainless steel locking handle located on the throttling valve, which also accepts a standard padlock.

The 301W features an all brass and stainless steel waterway, stainless steel spigot for flaming, brass throttling valve, ¾” CTS compression inlet connection (any inlet available) and a totally enclosed PVC housing which protects the waterway and insulation from any contact with the ground.

The Model 301W features a wet barrel design for warmer climates. The 301W is activated and deactivated by opening and closing the spigot-mounted ball valve. Standard bury depth is 30″, with the ½” brass waterway insulated with 1” wall thickness closed-cell elastomeric insulation from the supply connection to the spigot-mounted ball valve.

  • Features

    • 100% Non-Corrosive
    • Stainless Steel Spigot for Flaming
    • Insulated Waterway
    • Locking Valve and Cover
    • PVC Housing Prevents Direct Ground Contact
    • ¾" CTS Compression Inlet, Customer May Request Any Inlet as Required

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