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Model VB2000B 2” Flushing Hydrant

Model # VB2000B

Product Description

The model VB2000B is a 2” below grade flushing hydrant.  It is designed to be installed in a standard 5½” valve box making the unit traffic and tamper-proof.

The unit is 100% non-corrosive, constructed from schedule 80 PVC, bronze, and stainless steel and is available in both regular and no lead versions. The VB2000B operating valve stem is protected from direct ground contact by a PVC housing.

The outlet is 2½” NSF Fire Hydrant threads allowing the unit to provide a reduced level of fire protection. The inlet is 2” female NPT.

Freeze protection is accomplished by pumping the barrel free of water using a standard hand pump. The unit is available with an optional weep valve for self-draining freeze protection (order option #SD-VALVE).

The standard depth bury is 36” with any depth bury available in 6” increments (order option # ADD6).

  • Features

    • Fits in Standard 5¼” Valve Box
    • 100% Non-Corrosive
    • All Bronze, Stainless Steel and PVC construction
    • Available in Lead-Free
    • American Made Apollo Valves
    • Traffic and Tamper Proof
    • Blow Off any Direction
    • Auto Drain Available
    • Any Bury Depth Available

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