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Model 5000-NL 2” Flushing Hydrant/Sampling Point

Flush and Sample

Model # 5000-NL

Product Description

The model 5000 Flush and Sample hydrant provides both 2” flushing capabilities as well as a ½” sampling tap. The unit will fit in our model 104 lockable polyethylene enclosure for security and aesthetics.

The unit is 100% non-corrosive, constructed from brass, bronze, stainless steel, schedule 80 PVC, and meets all “no lead” requirements. The 5000 operating valve stem is protected from direct ground contact by a PVC housing.

The outlet is 2” NST fire hydrant threads and may also provide limited fire protection. The outlet has a protective cap with a retention chain. The main valve is operated with a standard curb key wrench. The sampling tap is a ½” bronze spigot with no threads to harbor bacteria. The ball valves are high-quality American made Apollo valves. The upper valve comes standard with a stainless steel locking operating handle. The inlet is 2” female NPT.

Freeze protection is accomplished by pumping the barrel free of water using a standard hand pump. Standard depth bury is 36” with any depth bury available.

  • Features

    • Provides Flushing and Sampling Points
    • 100% Non-Corrosive with Schedule 80 PVC Waterway
    • Provides Limited Fire Protection with 2” NST Fire Thread Outlet
    • ½” No Thread Sampling Outlet
    • Lead-Free
    • American Made Valves
    • Fits in the 104 Enclosure (sold separately)
    • Outlet Protected with a Red Plastic Cap with Retention Chain
  • Installation Information

    • Construction Materials

      Brass, Bronze, Stainless Steel, PVC

    • Quick Connection Type

      • NL = "Snap-In" Connection
    • Enclosures For This Product

    • Construction Materials

      Brass, Bronze, Stainless Steel, PVC

    • Installation Information

    • Downloads

    • Quick Connection Type

      • NL = "Snap-In" Connection

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